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Motions and Moments: More Essays on Tokyo by Michael Pronko is a collection of essays that describe life in Tokyo. To be honest, this book actually cleared up some of my misconceptions about Tokyo and how people live in Tokyo. I thought people lived the high life, that they lived in the fast lane, and their lives are easier than most. After reading Michael Pronko’s essays, I realized how wrong I was. The people of Tokyo are not as different from us as we believe. Granted, they live in one of the most technologically developed cities, but they do have their own challenges.

I found “A Meal in the Hand” very interesting. Imagine your work day, imagine how you are working through your lunch, and you quickly gobble down a bag of chips or Doritos. Well, in Tokyo, they eat onigiri, a much healthier snack. And for readers who might think that the fast-paced life in Tokyo has no place for religion, “Tokyo’s Traditional Pauses” will tell them what religion is really like for the people of Tokyo.

There was another essay in the book which describes the earthquake and tsunami of 2011. The essay talks about the gruesome effects of the earthquake and how it shook the city. This book is perfect for people who, like me, enjoy reading about different cities and their cultures. Tokyo is a passionate city and I am glad I read this book and now realize that. A well written and eloquent account of life in Tokyo. I really liked it.

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