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Tokyos-Mystery-Deepens-(1600x2400)Tokyo is one of the most expensive cities in the world, but you can get some great insights into the city for free!


Now, for a limited time, the e-version of Tokyo’s Mystery Deepens will be available for free at selected online e-book retailers!


Tokyo! Mysterious? Baffling? Unknowable? In these essays, the biggest city in the world comes a lot deeper and lot less mysterious!


For the Amazon version (free on US Amazon, but not yet at other Amazon stores), check out these links:


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The essays are also available in Japanese as: トーキョーの謎は今日も深まる


Click here for Japanese version


This special Giveaway ends soon, in just a couple weeks, so pick up a free e-book copy today at the following fine stores:


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Japanese version available from KADOKAWA Publishers as: トーキョーの謎は今日も深まる   マイケル・プロンコ ()


And if you happen to write and post a review after reading, I would be thrilled! Thanks in advance and happy reading!

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