Bernard Mattson devoted his life to Japanese-American relations. He negotiated treaties, resolved bilateral crises and researched Japanese culture—writing it all up in book after book. For half a century, he was the go-to man in Tokyo for the behind-the-scenes diplomacy, almost single-handedly keeping Japan and America together, and East Asia at peace. When he’s killed in his home and his recent manuscript goes missing, it appears Mattson knew much more than he was supposed to.

Detective Hiroshi Shimizu and sumo wrestler-turned-detective Sakaguchi dive into the neighborhoods of shitamachi, the back alleys of Golden Gai and the Yokota Air Base, where American soldiers have immunity through the Status of Forces Agreement that Mattson helped write. When more bodies turn up, Hiroshi must use his instincts, and his own past, to find out what in Mattson’s book was important enough to kill for.

With advice from veteran detective Takamatsu (on suspension) and encouragement from Mattson’s beautiful half-Japanese, half-American daughter, Jamie, Hiroshi uncovers what Mattson knew—and what it meant. With the future of East Asia in the balance, Hiroshi decides his own safety comes in second, even if he’s too late.

Japan Hand is the second Tokyo-based thriller in the Hiroshi series by award-winning author Michael Pronko.

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