Midwest Book Review

August, 2017

Volume 12, Number 8

The Last Train
Michael Pronko
Raked Gravel Press

Raked Gravel Press

9781942410126, $15.99


The Last Train presents the investigative challenges of Tokyo-based Detective Hiroshi Shimizu as he confronts the murder of an American businessman and begins work with his mentor and fellow investigator Takamatsu to unravel a string of intriguing possibilities that lead ever deeper into Tokyo’s underworld. While mystery readers will relish the progress of a detective who is torn between two cultures and who harbors a feeling of isolation from both, it’s the reader of Japanese literature and social inspections who will truly appreciate the depth of background and references that make The Last Train a standout story of not only intrigue, but ways in which crimes are solved, influenced, or supported: “Before Sakaguchi and Hiroshi got to the street, the manager turned to them and said, “If it’s a hostess you need, I can arrange one for you.” The three detectives stopped. The manager continued, “They’ll tell any story, take the blame and do the time. It gets them out of debt, gets your case closed. Everyone’s happy.” Hiroshi turned to look at the manager and said, “It’s too late for happy.” “Never too late,” the man said. “Plenty of other cops do that. It’s not as expensive as you might think.”


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