Motions and Moments – Table of contents

Part One: Surfaces
Why Ask Me?
The Language Dance
Urban Speed Poetry
Perfect Outfits
Don’t Drop It!
Cell Screen Tokyo
Public Tightness
Tokyo Asleep

Part Two: Miniatures
Perfect Forms
Fitting Things In
Fitting Me In
Small Item Heaven
Give-Away City
My Toe in Tokyo
What’s in a Name?
Thousand Armed Kannons
Plastic City

Part Three: Constructs
Construction and Resistance
The South Side Theory
Parting the Crowd
Double Construction
Ugliest City in the World?
Cleanliness, Tokyo-ness
Tokyo Symphony
Tokyo 24/7
The Summer Slowing

Part Four: Quaking
Are You OK? (March 18, 2011)
Shaken Up (June 20, 2011)
Earthquake Normal (October 2011)
Is This It? (April 2012)
That Was a Bad One (June 2015)

Part Five: Serenities
Year-End Busy
Learning to Love the Crowd
Tokyo Comfort City
A Meal in the Hand
Tokyo’s Traditional Pauses
Nature People
Jazz in Tokyo
Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow
Hanami, and Just After
Arigato-s and Gozaimasu-ses


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