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Motions and Moments: More Essays on Tokyo by Michael Pronko is a book that throws light on Tokyo, Japan, Japanese culture and the country as the whole. Written in five parts as essays, the author covers the place extensively and expansively, giving readers interesting details about Tokyo and his time there. The 42 essays capture the vibrancy of the city and life there through the author’s eyes, making it come alive. All the topics are engaging and will make readers look at Tokyo with a new perspective and ponder on the culture that defines the Japanese.

It’s a book for all those who are interested in knowing more about Tokyo, the Japanese, and their culture. The book touches upon many interesting facts, capturing the essence of the land beautifully. The idea of presenting these thoughts as essays is clever and readers don’t get bored. The writing style is simple and crisp, making all the essays appealing. The glossary at the end of the collection is helpful for readers to comprehend any difficult words.

The author’s wanderings and musings on Tokyo will make readers want to travel to the city to savor and experience all that the author mentions during his time there. The author’s words and experiences make it visual and get readers close to Tokyo and its uniqueness. The book will definitely help readers learn the finer details about the place. I enjoyed these essays. This book helps readers learn a lot more about Tokyo than what one usually gets to read. 

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