My Third Book is Out!

Motions and Moments: More Essays on Tokyo is now on sale!Motions and Moments cover


Just in time for Christmas, my third collection of essays is now on sale with greater worldwide distribution than for my last two books. Pick up (by which I mean press an order button) a copy today!


I’m excited about this new book, as it goes even deeper into Tokyo life. The essays reflect on the vagaries and vanities of daily life here and I try to pin down the flow of magical, bizarre instants the city delivers.


In this collection, I include a lot more about what Tokyoites do, eat, and say, and I make some pretty good guesses about what they think and feel, too. I include myself in that category, “Tokyoite,” too, by the way, as the years I’ve lived here roll up to eighteen.


I wrote about the 2011 earthquake, too, in this collection. It was a challenge to find anything good to say, but the triple disaster (earthquake, tsunami and nuclear meltdown) certainly changed–but then again didn’t change–Tokyo life.

Five Stars from Reader’s Favorite book review site!


Other essays explore sleep, crowds, construction sites, tricky trash, rice balls and how I fail to fit in. I mean, physically, as spaces can be tight. Tokyo manages to wedge in just about everything and everyone, it often seems.


I divided the 42 new essays like this: Surfaces, Miniatures, Constructs, Quaking and Serenities. That covers a lot of territory, but then so does Tokyo.


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And don’t forget the first two collections, if you don’t yet have a copy:

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Happy reading and let’s hope for a new year of peace, prosperity and earthquake-less-ness!

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