Raked Gravel Press is a small, independent press dedicated to publishing the best writing about Japan and Asia. Established in 2015, the press focuses on works with unique content and well-crafted prose.

The name, Raked Gravel, comes from the practice of “karesansui” Zen rock gardens. Every morning, monks rake the gravel surrounding the boulders, rocks, water, moss and trees into wave-like patterns. The gravel is perhaps less contemplated than the rock and plant formations, but it is just as important, connecting and linking them as balanced elements of the totality of existence. The compact rock gardens are intended to be seen from a unique vantage point on a porch, seat or walkway, but also to be seen differently from every point of view. The gardens also serve as an initial focus for meditation. The gravel helps to radiate calm and tranquility and to represent the metaphysical waves of existence.

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