The Last Train–a Tokyo thriller May 31st!

After a trilogy of first-person, memoir-like essays about life in Tokyo, I have been writing a new series of thrillers set in Tokyo—the Hiroshi series. Tokyo is an intense place for everyone, and for Hiroshi Shimizu, a novice detective, it gets even more intense.

In the first in the series, The Last Train, Hiroshi teams up with ex-sumo wrestler Sakaguchi to scour Tokyo’s hostess clubs, sacred temples, skyscraper offices and industrial wastelands to find an elusive killer who masks homicide as suicide. By train.

After years in America and lost in neat, clean spreadsheets, Hiroshi pushes himself out of his office and into the grim realities of the biggest city in the world. He’s determined to cut through Japan’s ambiguities—and dangers—to find the murderous ex-hostess before she extracts her final revenge—which just might be him.

Next in the series is Japan Hand, where Hiroshi encounters a katana-wielding killer responsible for the death of an American statesman, and old Japan hand, who became entangled in East Asian diplomacy, or lack thereof.

The third thriller in the Tokyo series, Thai Girl in Tokyo, follows the escape of a 15-year-old Thai girl, Sukanya, from her tormentors when she sees too much. Sukanya gets help from a streetwise Japanese teen, Misaki, to find revenge and to get back home. Check back here for updates and release dates.

Hiroshi is a fascinating character who lived outside Japan for years, and now sees his home country and city in a different way. As he learns more about the inside of homicide, he starts seeing everything in a different way.


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