Warhol’s Ghost Cans Redux

Walking along the street, I was accosted by cans. What dreams I have of you tonight, Andy! In Tokyo, pop art, art, pop all flows together. The Japanese says, “Today Only,” which seems even more fitting for a pop art reconstruction. Did the store clerk take a course in American Art at college? I assume so! Who else would haul all those cans out to the front and set them up in the morning, and then haul them back inside at night when the store closes? Only an art lover!
warhol in tokyo

I posted this Ghost Cans in December, mulling over Warhol’s influence on the postmodern attitudes of Tokyo, and then the other night I ran into this guy not far from where the cans had been, in Kichijoji. I surreptitiously snapped a shot of his back, and then asked him if I could take it from the front. He was out drinking with his brother, sister-in-law, and nephew, none of whom showed the least Warhol-ian influence. They thought it funny I liked the jacket, which he didn’t seem to like too much himself. In fact, I’m not sure I liked the jacket exactly, but I liked the idea of it, and that’s what counts.IMG_0760IMG_0761

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